Errorneous volume cut for dataObjects with ROI

Issue #25 resolved
M. Gronle created an issue
# coding=iso-8859-15

#add a 3d dataObject
a = dataObject.zeros([200,221,189], 'float32')

#add some blocks to the dataObject
a[100:110,:,:] = 1

#create a deep copy of a roi of a, where the "invisible" values are copied, too and the roi parameters are equal to those of a (Default in itom)
b : dataObject = a[90:180,:,:].copy(0)

#same deep copy, however the invisible part of the ROI is not copied.
c = a[90:180,:,:].copy(1)

plot(a, properties = {"title":"Original: a"})
plot(b, properties = {"title":"ROI deep copy 0 (PROBLEM with volume cut): b"})
plot(c, properties = {"title":"ROI deep copy 1 (no problem): c"})
plot(a[90:180,:,:], properties = {"title":"PROBLEM: direct roi with shallow copy"})

In the code above (see also attachment), different versions of deep and shallow copies are created from a dataObject. If an object with an active ROI is plot using the itom2dqwtplot, the volumeCut tool displayes wrong values.

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