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Issue #29 resolved
kraagg created an issue

A slot to delete the linecut and also clear the displayed linecut data in LineCutPlotItem is needed. Especially if the Linecut is not displayed in a new PlotItem but in a user generated GUI, where the PlotItem cannot be closed, there is at the moment no way to delete the Line Cut

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  1. M. Gronle

    Hey David,

    I would suggest the following solution:

    If you assign None to the existing property zSlicePlotItem or lineCutPlotItem of a 2D plot, an existing “connection” to
    1d plot will be disconnected and the displayed line (or z-stack-cut marker) including the active action will be removed / inactivated.

    Then you can select if a line cut should be displayed in an existing plot handle and remove this connection by the same property.
    This is the same for the property camera: If you assign None to the camera property, the camera is disconnected from the live plot.

    This is my suggestion, but it does not work, yet 😉 However, it will be easy to implement.



  2. M. Gronle

    fixes issue #29 (please update itom before): a lot of refactoring in itom2dQwtplot; new property volumeCutPlotItem added to assign a given plot to show possible volume cuts. All properties lineCutPlotItem, zSlicePlotItem and volumeCutPlotItem can now be set to None in order to remove a previous connection to an existing plot.

    → <<cset 152a42022994>>

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