Data display to 1DQwtPlot after it was connected to a LineCut

Issue #30 resolved
kraagg created an issue

When an existing 1dQWT Plot is connected to a 2D Plot as LinePlotItem there is an error with the displayed data, when the source is set manually. Displaying a lineplot works fine. But if one is setting new data as source via the plot property, the new source is only displayed in the y range of the connected LinePlot. It seems like the plot is not rescalled. But a manual rescale also don´t work, as only in the new data is only written to the plot in the existing range. A python script with an example is added. In the example, the data d2 is only displayed in a small range. And not the complete data.

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  1. M. Gronle

    fixes issue #30: if an itom1dqwtplot is currently connected to the line cut / z-stack cut functionality of an itom2dqwtplot and the user assigns a new, different source to the source property of the line cut, the input parameters 'bounds' are resetted now, to fully display the newly given dataObject. However: the connection to the 2d plot is still there, hence, if the user draws a new line / z-stack position, this line is drawn again in the 1d plot. Avoid this by resetting the connection before assigning a new source object. This is done by assigning None to the properties 'lineCutPlotItem' / 'zSlicePlotItem' of the 2d plot.

    → <<cset 1096298536a3>>

  2. M. Gronle

    Hey David,

    it would be better if you extend your example to this:

    import time
    d2d = dataObject().rand((1000,1000))
    d1 = dataObject().ones((100,1))
    d2 = dataObject().ones((400,1))*5
    d2[100:300,0] = 6
    h1["lineCutPlotItem"] = h2"setLinePlot",20,24,10,80)
    h1["lineCutPlotItem"] = None #this is optional, however recommended
    h2["source"] = d2

    If you do not disconnect the 1d plot from the lineCutPlotItem property of the 2d plot, this connection would still be possible. Hence, a change in the line cut will replot this line in the 1d plot (and the rescale-to-parent button becomes visible again). Therefore it would be better to disconnect the 1d plot from the 2d plot before assigning a new source.

    I hope that this is OK, because it is currently not possible that the 2d plot gets automatically informed if the 1d plot has another “designated use”.



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