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Designer Plugins for itom

This repository contains freely available designer plugins for itom.

These designer plugins are:

  • Widgets for 1D, 2D and 2.5D plots of data objects and other array-like objects
  • A table view for data objects allowing to see and changes values of the matrix
  • A motor controller that can be connected to any actuator object in order to move this actuator

Since these plugins are following the rules of Qt Designer Plugins, they can be integrated in your own user interface, designed in the Qt Designer tool.


1D Plot

2D Plot

2.5D Plot

Demo for measuring shapes in objects

3D visualizer based on VTK to display pointClouds, polygonial meshes and geometric objects

Plot integrated in own GUI

GUI development with Qt Designer

Compile plugins

For compiling these plugins, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this repository on your hard drive
  2. Make sure that you have a valid SDK of itom available on your computer. This SDK is either included in any itom setup (Release only) or you need to clone and compile itom both in debug and release configuration (recommended). See the itom documentation for more information about compiling itom.
  3. Run CMake and set the variable ITOM_SDK_DIR to the itom's SDK directory. After reconfiguring the variable ITOM_DIR should be automatically set. When setting the path of OpenCV, you normally should indicate the build-folder of a prebuild OpenCV version in Windows.
  4. Start the compilation in debug and release. The release version is always necessary if you want to integrate these plugins in a GUI created with Qt Designer.

For detailed information about the compile process, one is also referred to the documentation of itom.