PyGit2Header blames dirty version also if only non-added files available

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Issue #10 resolved
M. Gronle created an issue

git.exe --git-dir=... --work-tree=... status --porcelain

marks non-added files with "?? <filename>" at the beginning of the line.

added, but non-committed changes start with a "<space>M <filename>".

The itom version should only be marked to be non-clean, if there is at least one line starting with M.

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  1. Wolfram Lyda

    Separated dirty-version report in itom about dialog into unversioned files and changed code.

    Most dirty versions are caused by pyCache-files, which are not under version control (and should not be) in the directory. To avoid a dirty version due to unversioned files before creating an installer run git clean up.

    1. Run git clean up in dry-run mode and check if all files are allowed to be removed.
    2. Run git clean up in normal mode to delete all unversioned files.
    3. Compile your itom before you execute any pythonfiles within the source directory.
    4. Done, know you can put all unversioned files back to your source file and live happily ever after.
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