Roadmap / Todo List for Windows itom Setup 4.0.0

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M. Gronle created an issue

This issue should organize todos and the roadmap for the upcoming windows setup of itom 4.0.0.

The setup will be compiled with the All-In-One development package MSVC2017 / Qt5.12.6 / OpenCV4, that contains the following components:


  • 64bit
  • Visual Studio 2017 (e.g. Community Edition, Updates required)
  • Qt 5.12.6
  • Python 3.8 /Numpy 1.18.1
  • CMake 3.16.3
  • OpenCV 4.2.0

optional packages for PointCloudLibrary with VTK visualization:

  • Boost 1.72.0
  • Eigen 3.3.7
  • Flann 1.9.1
  • PCL 1.10.0
  • QHull 2019.1
  • VTK 8.2.0

Todos for the setup:

  1. PR code checker mergen
  2. Python Paket Liste erstellen / aktualisieren (neu: flake8 with entrypoints, mccabe, pyflakes, pycodestyle)
  3. Download all packages from and put them in one folder. Make a requirements.txt
  4. Change the inno setup scripts to pack the entire python package folder, unpack it at the target pc to a temp folder and install the requirements.txt, only instead of make single installs of every single package. Add a log-file to the pip install command.
  5. Fix the issues 71, 85, 102, 115, 118, todos:40
  6. Fix bool(dataObject) deprecation warning in roughnessEvaluator demo script
  7. Create a “quick check list” (e.g. with to create a manual test list. These tests should be done if the first prototype of the setup is ready to verify if the most important features of itom are working.
  8. Decide if the matlab module should be integrated in the setup (see issue 93)
  9. Finish the NIDAQmx rework plugin (see branch
  10. Fix MSMediaFoundation shutdown crash (see
  11. Translations for German
  12. Changelog itom
  13. Changelog designer plugins
  14. Changelog plugins
  15. Make a “what is new or changed” teaser for email, website etc. with the most important changes (maybe with some images)
  16. Update Homepage / Documentation
  17. Update Qwt to 6.1.4
  19. Update the Properties / Signals / Slots descriptions of selected plots in the userDoc of itom (content between ..BEGIN and ..END section, using the script

Optional (if time available):

  1. Add an optional grid to the itom2dqwtplot, similar to the grid in the itom1dqwtplot

Since Bitbucket does not allow todo lists, please use the edit function (if you have the rights) to strike-through
entries, which are fullfilled, or add new values. Alternatively, write a comment if you solved one point or if you
wish to add new values. Then I will change the list above.

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