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Issue #39 resolved
M. Gronle created an issue

When itom is started, the path environment variable, passed to itom at startup, is modified before any plugin is loaded. The lib-folder for instance is always prepended to the path variable.

The user can prepend further pathes such that libraries, needed by any plugin, can be located without the need to globally modifiy the Windows path environment variable.

Until now, this feature is a non-documented entry in the ini-file of itom:


The task is now, to add a list to the property-page "General>>Application" (similar to Python>>Startup) such that these search pathes can be modified (add, delete). The lib-folder can be inserted in the list as first element, that can not be modified, since it will always be loaded and must not be part of the searchPathes entry in the ini-file.

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