frosted bug for Python >= 3.5

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Issue #52 resolved
M. Gronle created an issue

The syntax checker module frosted has a bug for Python 3.5 if args and *kwds arguments are used in python scripts. This is, since the AST module of Python changed a little bit.

In order to not being bothered by this bug, execution errors of frosted are only displayed in debug mode of itom (pythonEngine::pythonSyntaxCheck). This might change if frosted is fixed.

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  1. M. Gronle reporter
    • changed version to 3.2

    frosted can be replace by pyflakes. frosted is now officially deprecated and recommends the usage of pyflakes. frosted was a fork of pyflakes, therefore the syntax is the same for both packages.

  2. M. Gronle reporter

    the itom syntax check now works both with the python packages 'pyflakes' and 'frosted'. pyflakes is preferred, since frosted is not maintained any more. This commit fixes issue #52

    → <<cset a7ecf1f06eb9>>

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