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Note Making Tips while Researching for Essays

Essay writing is dependent on reading through relevant research material and gathering information and ideas to be used in your essay. Note-taking is at the heart of this process. A well-honed essay writing service knows the importance of note-taking and the problems associated with it when reading through the material. Only by following a good note-making strategy that may take practice and time to perfect, a student can write essays with good content. 

Ills of bad note-making

  • Bad note-making leaves you with lots of text in the form of notes at the end of a reading session. When you review them you find no context or pattern, rendering them useless and confusing.
  • You do all the hard work of taking notes about expert opinion, while also including your own opinion. Only to end up mixing your thoughts with the authors’ thoughts. 
  • Laboring through the academic papers takes you lots of time. When you note down the important points, you find out you have only the text without a central argument or claim to help make sense of them.

Target your reading

To save your time and effort you should use the best essay writing service to target the right resource material as well as the right text within the resource. 

Choosing the right resources

  • Check for the relevancy of the text. Is the text irrelevant or out of date? 
  • Make good use of the index in the books you read. Target the relevant information from there and see if it’s related to your search parameters.
  • The abstract or the overview of a book or a research article should be checked to see if it contains what you are looking for. 

Reading the relevant text 

  • Use skimming and scanning to only read the relevant passages. Make note of the outline of the body. 
  • Be interactive with the essay writing services for text making notes while asking questions: Where will this information be used? How do I support it? What aspect of the subject does the information cater to? 
  • Try to keep a balance between being too brief and too comprehensive with your notes.

Approach the material with a note making strategy

When the notes are taken with a strategy, they are more discernible and useful later on. For better note making your strategy should be:

  • Keep the end in mind: know what kind of information you expect to get out of the text. Whether it’s a supporting argument, a piece of evidence, or an example.

  • Use different colors and styles to discern one type of information from cheap essay writing service. You can use your own color code to mark the reading’s text and make the notes along with that. 

  • Another note-making strategy is jotting down your notes under separate headings. Headings such as:

  • Example

  • Evidence
  • Quotable material
  • Interesting fact
  • Supporting a claim or argument
  • Main purpose
  • Counterclaims

  • You can also make notes of how the information might be of use to you.

You can make your own system that uses these strategies or comes up with unique ones. By following the strategies, you will end up with research that is rich in content.

Keep track of references and avoid plagiarism

Lastly, when taking notes from a material, make sure to note down the journal details so that you can reference it when you use the notes in your essay. It’s best to paraphrase the text instead of quoting the original lines as it demonstrates effort and understanding on your part. Take note that no matter how much you make the text different from the source, it is obligatory for you to reference it, even if you have just copied the structure.

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