Multi-value collection contributions

Issue #249 resolved
Jesper Öqvist created an issue

JastAdd 2.1.13

JastAdd supports contributions contributing to multiple target nodes, but does not support single contributions contributing multiple values to a single collection attribute.

Being able to contribute multiple values could be useful in some cases, and we could make a simple addition to the parser to support this. An example of a multi-value contribution:

A contributes each iterableExpression() to Target.attr() for target();

syn Iterable<X> A.iterableExpression();

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  1. Jesper Öqvist reporter

    Add collection value in contribution support

    If a collection contribution uses the each keyword before the value expression, the value is treated as a collection and the addAll method is used as combination operator instead of the default combination operator.

    see #249 (bitbucket)

    → <<cset 02fa3db8c6de>>

  2. Jesper Öqvist reporter

    Remove multiple value per contribution

    Improved multi-value contributions by supporting iterable values (not only Collection subtypes).

    Removed the undocumented multiple value-expression feature for contribution statements.

    fixes #249 (bitbucket) fixes #250 (bitbucket)

    → <<cset 68043566275d>>

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