Genrate warning when NTA not subclass of ASTNode

Issue #280 resolved
Alfred Åkesson created an issue

Example following code will generate NullPointerException.




aspect Test {
    syn nta interfaceB A.getA();
    interface interfaceB {}

Generate a error insted.

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  1. Jesper Öqvist

    An error message for this error is already implemented in JastAdd, however it is never shown because JastAdd crashes while building the parent map:

        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.Grammar.parentMap_compute(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.Grammar.parentMap(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.ASTDecl.parents_compute(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.ASTDecl.parents(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.ASTDecl.isRootNode(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.Grammar.roots_compute(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.Grammar.roots(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.Grammar.collect_contributors_Grammar_problems(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.Grammar.survey_Grammar_problems(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.Grammar.problems_compute(
        at org.jastadd.ast.AST.Grammar.problems(
        at org.jastadd.JastAdd.compile(
        at org.jastadd.JastAdd.compile(
        at org.jastadd.JastAdd.main(
  2. Jesper Öqvist

    Fix crash in parentMap computation

    The parentMap attribute would crash if the return type of a synthesized NTA declared in the abstract grammar was not an AST class.

    fixes #280 (bitbucket)

    → <<cset 7581c82f11a7>>

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