Documentation comment not retained for aspect-declared class

Issue #284 resolved
Jesper Öqvist
created an issue

With JastAdd 2.2.2 and 2.3.0, documentation comments for aspect-declared classes are not kept in the generated code. For example, in ExtendJ there is a class Parameterization which is declared in an aspect (java5/frontend/Generics.jrag). The class has a documentation comment but it is removed in the generated code.

Aspect declaration:

   * Specifies a particular parameterization for a parameterized type or generic method.
   * <p>Parameterizations are used during type lookup to substitute type variable names
   * for type arguments (TypeDecl).
  public class Parameterization {

Generated code:

 * @ast class
 * @aspect LookupParTypeDecl
 * @declaredat /home/jesper/git/extendj/java5/frontend/Generics.jrag:1057
public class Parameterization extends java.lang.Object {

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