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Welcome to the JastAdd2 Wiki!

Release Process

  1. Make sure the following files have appropriate content:
    • ChangeLog (Check against commit log, add note about the release)
    • doc/reference-manual.html
    • doc/release-notes.html (add release notes for this release)
  2. Create a new jar file: > ant jar
  3. Run all test cases.
  4. Run the release script: > ./ The script will do these things:
    • tag the release in Git
    • patch html files with the new version number
    • create a zip file for the source distribution
    • create a zip file for the binary distribution
    • upload the zip files and appropriate documentation to
  5. Browse to and check the content.
  6. Ant clean and commit
  7. Tag the current version according to ./ instructions.
  8. Update the web pages to reflect the new release on the download and news pages.
    • check out the web pages at
    • update index-file.html with news item about the new release
    • update download.html to link to the new release
    • update `documentation/reference_manual.phpq to link to latest reference manual
    • commit the changes
    • run ./publish (to check out the newest web on the real web site)


To keep track of JastAdd versions, the version number (generated by git describe) is stored in src/res/ The release script creates a new tag and updates the version number. The version number is then patched into the documentation files doc/ and doc/reference-manual.html.