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Java Magazine is the technical magazine for Java developers. It is published by Oracle and appears every two months, containing a wealth of practical, immediately usable information. Subscriptions are free. Foreign language versions of Java Magazine exist in Japanese. Some articles are occasionally translated into other languages. Those are linked to on the pages corresponding to individual issues.

This site holds code, downloads, and other items that are referenced in the articles.

License. All articles are copyright by Oracle or by the authors and cannot be reproduced without permission. Code, however, is freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution License. The attribution to use in any code is:

      This code was originally published in [article name] in Java Magazine, 
      [date of issue], p. [number of opening page]. Written by [author(s) name(s)]. 
      Copyright [year of publication] Oracle Corp. and/or the authors.

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2020 - All downloads

2019 - All downloads

2018 - All downloads

2017 - November/December -- Java EE 8

2017 - July/August -- Java 9

2017 - May/June -- Libraries

2017 - March/April -- UI Tools

2016 - September/October -- Devices and IoT Programming

2016 - July/August -- Enterprise Java

2016 - May/June -- Big Data

2016 - March/April -- Inside Java and the JVM

2016 - January/February -- Web Applications

2015 - November/December -- Libraries

Utilities -- Handy utilities referred to in Java Magazine articles