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Installing J2ME Apps

This page provides quick instructions for installing J2ME apps on phones.


A j2me application is comprised of two files. The jad file is a small text file which describes an application, and provides the security to ensure that the app is uncompromised, and a jar file which contains the application itself.

You will need both a jad and jar file to install an application onto a phone. How you do so depends on the target phone.

General Phones

Almost ever phone supports downloading applications OTA (Over the Air). This is the easiest, most scalable way to install an application, and should almost always be tried first on any phone with a data connection where the application is at a publicly visible URL.

First, make sure your phone's data connection is working. Load the browser and navigate to a page and make sure that it loads correctly. If not, the troubleshooting instructions might help you for your phone.

Next, enter (or navigate to) the URL of the application's jad file. The phone should pop up information about the application and ask if you want to install. Select yes, and the app should install itself.

Nokia Series 40 (Most Nokia not-smart-phones) Phones

Nokia Series 40 phones support two basic ways to load an application.

First is by simply using a memory card which contains the jad/jar file. Put the application's jad and jar onto an SD card and insert into the phone. Then go to the menu, select Applications->Memory Card->Your Application. It should run automatically.

The other is by installing the Nokia phone tools software. You will plug in your phone to the computer using a USB cable or bluetooth connection, select applications, and install your app by pointing the installer to the files. Make sure the jar and jad are both in the same folder.