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API Specification process


  • At least one core committer must be involved in all phases of the process.
  • During all phases of the process the relevant documention for the standard should be accisible on the wiki under the OpenRosaAPI section.
  • Prior to approval the standard should maintain a status of draft in both the page link and the page title.


  1. The need for a standard is expressed via the mailing list or the skype chat. If there is concensus that the standard is needed the first phase involves definition of the scope of the standard. This is carried out by a working group which comprises those interested in the standard and documented on the wiki.
  2. Once agreement has been reached on which aspects are to be covered in the standard, a second phase is entered during which parties negotiate the detailed specifications within the standard. This is the consensus-building phase. This phase would usually take the following form:
    1. A draft of the standards is published on the wiki by member(s) of the working group which is then available for comment by all. Comments should be added in the comment section of the wiki?? or email ??
    2. After a certian period (or once concencus has been reached) the standard is updated on the wiki.
  3. The final phase comprises the approval of the resulting draft standard (the acceptance criteria is approval by two-thirds of the members that have participated actively in the standards development process, and approval by 75% of all PSC members), following which the draft status of the agreed text is removed.

Most standards require periodic revision. Several factors combine to render a standard out of date: technological evolution, new methods and materials, new quality requirements. To take account of these factors, the general rule is that all standards should be reviewed at regular intervals.