OpenRosa WorkGroup API Page

Below is a list of all APIs being worked on by the OpenRosa Workgroup. There are currently 5 APIs at 1.0 status. In addition to the 1.0 APIs there are a number of other APIs that are being worked on.

XForms Standard

We uses subset of the XForms specification to describe the form's data, constrains, controls and submissions. We currently only support a subset of the specification, and in some cases, support it in idiosyncratic ways.

OpenRosa 1.0 APIs

OpenRosa 1.0 APIs were formally approved by the OpenRosa Working Group in December of 2011. To be considered "OpenRosa 1.0 Compliant," a system must implement all 5 of the OpenRosa 1.0 APIs.

Being Voted on Now

Additional OpenRosa APIs

OpenRosa has a set of standards that all OpenRosa compliant mobile apps and servers can follow to be interoperable. This set of APIs is a work in progress and being update by the community. The rules for proposing, modifying, or approving specifications can be found here:Specification process

Statistics and Data Management APIs

Language Management APIs

XForm Related APIs

Data Transmission and Storage APIs

Application Specific APIs

Other Specifications

Voting Rules

Voting Rules/Instructions

Voting Members

Eligible Voters

Chat Logs

OpenRosa Workgroup Skype Chat 17 Nov 2011 to 18 Nov 2011 4.24pm EST

OpenRosa Workgroup Skype Chat 18 Nov 2011 4.24pm EST to 7:06 pm EST

OpenRosa Workgroup Skype Chat 22 Nov 2011 (Submission API Discussion)

Historical Implementations (Pre OR 1.0 APIs)


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