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JavaROSA Tanzania Conference 2009

Coders Corner Outcomes

  • J2MERosa is happy to be dependent on Polish.
  • Going to try to get the formdef model to work in "picoRosa" (core + new code). If that fails, we will use epihandymobile as the starting point for "picoRosa" that runs on low end devices
    • low-end device means: 256kb jar / 600kb heap CLDC 1.0 MIDP 2.0
  • Put the names of XForms in XHTML
  • Single JAR built for the JavaRosa Core
    • automated testing to make sure that xform parsing gets obfuscated out
    • eclipse environment will also show any changes with modularity
  • Repository restructure and generating JARs. (see JARs.rtf)
  • Breaking RMS (without an upgrader) is a major version change
  • Each JAR is versioned.
  • Community only releases set of JARs together. Zip up JARs and release them all at once.
  • All 11 candidates are part of the steering committee
    • Reasonable response time to proposals is expected (unless vacation etc...)
  • We will use review-board for code review
  • Definition: JavaRosa is a brand name used for funding purposes.
  • Definition: JavaRosa Core is a library published by the OpenRosa Consortium
  • Definition: OpenRosa is a standards body.
  • [devices] every minor release we run a standard javarosa-demo and fill out a table to know which devices work with which versions of javarosa
  • Add support for <label lang="xxx"> for XForm internationalization
  • Remove the JRSP. (replaced by individual services that are either singletons or factories)
  • Use issue tracker on bitbucket
  • Developer home is the JavaRosa wiki on bitbucket
  • is public facing website for non-developers

TODO List for Developers

In addition to the table below, which will automatically update, you can easily look at these within the issue tracker, by looking at the dar09_backlog milestone:

OwnerTaskDevelopment / DraftingTesting / ReviewedCompleted
brianmove validator and shellformtest to javarosa-validator repository--#7
brianchange name of javarosa-extras to javarosa-toolsNN#8
brian/claytonfrom j2merosa-examples, move all the projects that aren't demo to a dimagi repo for the demo, have it build off of JARsNN#10
brianremove profile project--#11
jonemail the group with the list of project steering committee membersNN#12
PCSPSC to vote on gatekeepers.NN#13
tomeclipse formatter file and errors/warnings setup in eclipseNN#14
tompropose best practices for code writingNN#15
tomchecklist for code reviews (including checking that they are approved open source people)NN#16
jon/yawcontributors agreementNN#17
drew/claytonchange JR prefix stuff to OR prefixNN#18
kieranlook into the device benchmarking stuffNN#19
kieranadd support for XForm internationalizationNN#30
clayton/brian/markwork on internationalization to make it as friendly as polish to use. make sure it is debugged? determine which services will become factory and which will be singletons)NN#21
jon/brianpublic facing web site for javarosaNN#22
melissainvestigate blog for javarosaNN#23
yaw/claytonFormEntry Core APINN#24
tom/alfred/geoffrey/markJ2MERosa Core APINN#25
carl/drew/danielformDef/XForm model & parsing APINN#26
tom/alfred/geoffrey/markTransport layer API [ Code ] [ Docs ]YY#27
drew/clayton/tom/munafStorage API [ implementation for J2ME/RMS ] [ interfaces ]YY#28
jonstandards for openRosaNN#29

Projects using new APIs