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ZILF is a set of tools for working with ZIL (the Zork Implementation Language), including a ZIL compiler, ZAP assembler, and ZIL libraries for writing text adventure games.

ZIL is a Lisp-like language, based on MDL, originally developed by Infocom for their commercial interactive fiction.

Latest version: 0.8 | Download | Release Notes | Issue Tracker

The project includes several components:

  • ZILF itself, a compiler that translates ZIL code to ZAP assembly code.
  • ZAPF, an assembler that translates ZAP assembly code to binary Z-code files.
  • A text adventure library for writing games in ZIL, including a parser and basic world model.
  • Source code for a port of the classic game "Adventure" (Colossal Cave).
  • A few miscellaneous tools (ZilFormat, DeZapf) and tests.

ZILF and ZAPF can be used from the command line, or from the Visual Studio Code extension which offers syntax highlighting, bracket matching, automated builds, and source-level debugging.