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How do I get set up?

Install GCC

Before grabbing the tpose source code, make sure you can compile it! If you don't have gcc or make installed do the following first.

sudo apt-get install gcc make


sudo yum install gcc make


Best done via homebrew (an OSX package manager).

brew install gcc

Homebrew typically installs in /usr/local/bin/. The name will be something like 'gcc-5'. Check this using:

ls /usr/local/bin/gcc*

Build issues

The most common issue happens when trying to build tpose on a Mac, when the version of gcc is different to the one referenced in the Makefile. To remedy this, if you installed gcc via homebrew, get the version of gcc by:

$ brew list gcc

We are interested in the line '.../bin/gcc-5'. You might have another version of gcc, but it will always follow this pattern. So, now that we know the version, let's edit the Makefile so that it matches this. Open the file called Makefile, and locate this line:

ifeq ($(shell uname -s), Darwin)
    compiler = gcc-5

Now change gcc-5 to match your version of gcc. Try building tpose again... hopefully this time it will be installed without any problem!