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cosmosis / Getting an account at RCC

The CosmoSIS workshop has access to a local cluster, Midway, through the KICP and the Research Computing Center. For information on the cluster and available software, see its documentation.

Temporary accounts will be available for CosmoSIS workshop participants. Users who expect to use Midway over the long term and have a collaborator at the University of Chicago (Scott Dodelson in particular) may find it useful to set up a permanent account at the Research Computing Center, however this can take up to a day to complete. Instructions for both options are given below.

Use a temporary account

The RCC provides temporary guest access to the Midway cluster though a set of USB devices known as Ubikeys. Obtain one of these from Douglas Rudd and follow the instructions below to log onto Midway.

Yubi key instructions.png

Request an account at RCC

1. Apply for CNetID

First fill out the general user account request form.

The RCC uses the University of Chicago CNetID for authentication on its machines. If you are already affiliated with UChicago you already have a CNetID and should enter it on the above form.

If not, the RCC can request a CNetID be created for you. Simply enter your date of birth in the "Summary of Work" field (this is necessary to guarantee a unique id is reserved for you).

In particular, fill out the form this way, where you should fill in your own name and DOB instead of the square brackets:

  • Name: [John Smith]
  • Title or appointment: guest
  • Department:
  • PI Account Name: sdodelso
  • List of software: CosmoSIS
  • Summary of work: My DOB: [January 1st, 2000]

N.b. At DOB - careful not to fill out an EU-style date by accident!

2. Claim your CNetID

Wait for the confirmation email that you can claim a CNetID and claim your CNetID with the ChicagoID you received in this email.

You will have to choose an ID and a password after answering some questions. Once you have a CNetID, you should reply to the email (to in which you should indicate which CNetID you chose.

3. Go ahead and ssh

After than you will receive another confirmation email that your account at the RCC is opened and added to the pi-sdodelso group. After 30-60 minutes you can ssh into midway like this:

$> ssh [CNetID]

For more information about the RCC see here: