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cosmosis / Installation at NERSC

NERSC, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center, is a supercomputing facility that a nunber of cosmology collaborations use as their primary facility.

CosmoSIS comes with a setup script for NERSC in the develop branch, so the full installation can be done like this:

  • These step should be performed in a fresh shell.
  • It will create and use a new conda environment. Modify config/setup-cosmosis-nersc if you don't want this.
  • Wherever you want to install run these steps:
git clone
cd cosmosis
git checkout develop
git clone
cd cosmosis-standard-library
git checkout develop
cd ..
source config/setup-cosmosis-nersc
  • Test the installation on the login node by running:
cosmosis demos/demo2.ini
  • Test a submission to the batch system by creating test.sub with the contents below and submit it using the command sbatch test.sub
#!/bin/bash -l

#SBATCH -C haswell
#SBATCH -J cosmosis-test
#SBATCH -t 00:30:0
#SBATCH -p debug
#SBATCH -o test.log

source config/setup-cosmosis-nersc

srun -n 32 cosmosis --mpi demos/demo5.ini

You need to run the source config/setup-cosmosis-nersc command whenever you start using CosmoSIS.