Support Scoop on Windows?

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It's great that uru has a Chocolatey package. Would you consider an official package for as well?

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  1. Jon repo owner

    Similar to chocolatey, I don't want an official package until uru stabilizes at 1.0.0.

    That said, I like much about scoop and am open to adding an uru.json manifest to the downloads page so that users could install similar to

    scoop install

    assuming scoop and uru play nice together.

    It's likely simple to create the scoop rake task like this and the manifest template like this.

    But I'm not sure how scoop and its shim scheme supports uru's two required wrapper scripts uru.bat and uru.ps1 that need to be generated at install time similar to the install script and uninstall script.

    What did you have in mind?

  2. Jon repo owner

    This prototype app manifest appears to work

    cd to where you downloaded the above uru.json (also attached), run scoop install uru, and use uru as normal.

    Anyone interested in seeing scoop and uru play well together, smoke test the prototype and report back with results. If all looks well, I'll add scoop build automation similar to chocolatey, upload the uru.json manifest to the downloads page, and create a new wiki page with usage details.

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