Gerber Import: Aperture with polygone is rendered in double size

Issue #139 resolved
Marko Phoenix created an issue


sorry, I am not a python programmer, but a good bug hunter. Feel free to fix this bug for "us". Thanks:

Version: 8.3 (2015/02) Platform: Windows 7 64 Issue: Gerber import problem


I have Altium (Circuit Maker) gerber files, using aperture codes with polygones. These are rendered in double size.

For finding it, I striped down my Gerber file until I found the issue.

As workaround I simple halfe the size of the polygone in aperture definition to get around the problem.

Here are the Codes in ORINGINAL format (just the extracted polygone codes)






My gerber should look like this:

Gerber issue Gerber Online view.jpg

With the wrong rendered polygone aperture it looks like this:

Gerber issue CAM view.jpg

As workaround I reduced the size by 50% (just rough, I am lazy in exact numbers ;.))






My result looks now like this:

Gerber issue FIXED.jpg

As attachment I added the original an my "fixed" Gerber file.

Thanks for this great great great project,

Marko (Germany)

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