Unable to roll back to 8.4 after installing latest source

Issue #192 resolved
Roberto Lo Giacco created an issue

I did install FlatCAM from source and I found some issues about setting tool diameter and such, so I decided to compare version 8.4 with the latest source, but I'm unable to run it and I get a weird error I can't understand and I'm unable to resolve...


Any help will be appreciated

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  1. Roberto Lo Giacco reporter

    I've found the source of the problem and fixed it: it's the recent.json file which, under Windows, is stored within <home>/AppData/Roaming/FlatCAM. Since I had opened one SVG file it got in the recents list, but the file type is not recognized by the older FlatCAM version.

    My advice is to ignore unrecognized file types in the recents list, not that it's going to happen very often, but it might represent a problem whenever, for any reason, somebody wants to roll back a version.

    I'm also reducing the issue priority because, at least, we have a workaround.

  2. Juan Pablo Caram repo owner

    Roberto, you are right. The problem has to do with rolling back to an older version. I will keep the issue open until we add an exception handler for this case, but this kind of problem is more on the philosophical side... the older version is failing and we cannot change the past! :-)

    I'm also changing the title to better reflect the issue.

  3. Roberto Lo Giacco reporter

    Agree woth the title change and on the comment regarding the past-future. If I may add something on that front: you can't change the past, but you can prevent the issue occurring in the future when you'll decide to add "import from png" or "import from the best format ever designed" :D

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