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Contribute to Jummp development

JUMMP uses Git as the source revision control system and the main repository is hosted on Bitbucket.

The easiest way to get started is to clone the repository on Bitbucket, analyse the code and understand how the system works.

You may want to subscribe (or read the archives) of our mailing lists.

If you wish to fix a bug or add a new feature, please do consult the tracker and get in touch with the developer team first. This will ensure that nobody else is already working on what you plan to do.

Also, please read and follow the code conventions.

When you believe your bug fix or new feature is ready, you can do a pull request to ask the Jummp Developer Team to merge your changes. The code changes will be peer-reviewed before being pushed to the main repository. This is mainly to ensure that no contribution introduces security vulnerabilities, as parts of the data managed by JUMMP instances can be sensitive. This peer-review process also ensures that the changes comply with the development principles and goals of the project.