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User Interface

This page gathers thoughts and ideas about the user interface, mainly based on feedback from users of BioModels Database.

Repository browsing

  • default order of the page listing the models: from new to old
  • possibility of grouping of models from same article and/or same model
  • do not display the model identifier (end user don't care)
  • display of the beginning of the abstract, with the whole on mouseover
  • display thumbnail of the reaction graph?
  • display keywords
  • display of mesh terms (keywords of publication)
  • potentially do not display the "last modification date"
  • allow customisation of the columns displayed
  • ...

Model Display

  • display the reaction graph and/or curation graph (thumbnail) more prominently
  • display abstract of the publication (or at least the 1st paragraph)
  • better display acknowledgements (authors, submitter, creator, curators, ...)
  • more notes about the curation figures with better formatting
  • more info displayed for un-curated models
  • download button should directly allow the download of the curated version, with a subarea for selecting different formats
  • access to the model of the month (if any) should be more prominent
  • the "Action" menu should renamed to "simulation" (with access to JWS and the embedded online tool), the access to the reaction graph should be moved somewhere else
  • annotations: always try to retrieve some human readable info and display it, instead of a raw identifier
  • content of the tabs Overview-Math-Physical Entities-Parameters is not usable for the end user: why not have a graphical reaction map instead? Then the submodel creation feature would be much more usable as well.
  • ...