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Upcoming milestones

The following milestones are provisional and subject to change.

Mar 2015

  • Support for the DDMoRe Generic Qualification Procedure (GQP)

Apr 2015

  • Updated model display providing access to model metadata
  • improved SBML display
  • Link between parent models and descendants

May 2015

  • Update support for PharmML 0.6
  • Support for metadata storage
  • Support for DDMoRe archive
  • Model classification supporting simple tags and facets

Jun 2015

  • model annotation tool
  • Restructure the model browse page: drop unnecessary columns add the therapeutic area show short description as tooltip.
  • Display model version more prominently
  • Persist the pagination size and sort order for non-authenticated users

Jul 2015

  • Web services (using REST) secured retrieval and update of private models

Aug 2015

  • Support for model reviews
  • Integration with DDMoRe Converter Toolbox
  • Refinements to the 'Files' tab to distinguish between PharmML, MCL and other files

Sep 2015

  • Model templates
  • Request access to a model

Oct 2015

  • View of audit trails for models
  • Refined notification system
  • User settings and favourite models

Nov 2015

  • Enhanced support for DDMoRe Archive
  • Improved PharmML support and display, including filtering of extraneous brackets

Dec 2015

  • Display of MCL version
  • Improvement to model access management

    access/sharing request * Synchronisation of models and data between repository instances

Jan 2016

  • Allow multiple publications to be linked to a model
  • Comparison of model versions during model development

Feb 2016

  • Model execution using DDMoRe Interoperability Framework.
  • Improved model search

Past milestones

  • Core infrastructure with plugins
  • High level support for multiple database engines (testing using MySQL)
  • High level support for multiple version control systems (SVN, Git)
  • High level support for multiple remote access mechanisms (JMS, DBus)
  • Scalable and versioned storage infrastructure
  • Initial support for SBML
  • Batch models submission
  • Switch to Java 7
  • Model submission pipeline (with support for additional files and basic metadata)
  • Initial support for OMEX archive
  • Proper themes for UI
  • Models browsing: paginated list of all hosted models the current user has access to
  • Initial model display: overview, files and history
  • Initial support for PharmML (note: no support for metadata)
  • User management: user account creation, update and management
  • Handling of publications: attach publication to models and display their details
  • Model publication: make selected models available to all, without the need for login
  • Web services (using REST): programmatic retrieval of specific public models
  • Upgrade to Grails 2.3
  • Richer model display (includes more information)
  • Pre-visualisation of additional files (handles MDL, text, CSV, images and PDF files)
  • Improved model submission and update (better handling of main and additional files)
  • Some user preferences stored (for example for model browsing)
  • Generation of audit trails for each model
  • Contextual help all pages to allow the display of some help related to the current display/action
  • Model sharing (user based)
  • Improved display of PharmML models
  • Initial support for PharmML 0.3
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements related to the usability of the resource
  • Creation/edition of group of users
  • Model sharing (group based)
  • Basic user-specific notifications via his/her homepage (and email)
  • Improved search engine (with extraction of additional information from ontological terms)
  • SBML annotation support extraction of metadata contained in submitted models