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PlantTech 2 is a Minecraft mod that provides a lot of features. These features can be seperated into three different categories, which have light dependency of each others. But they are designed that you can almost ignore the other categories. Nevertheless, using more than one may have some useful crosseffects

##1. Way of the Crossbreeding Crossbreeding focuses on growing your resources. You start with the vanilla crops and crossbreed your way up the resourcetree. Further you improve the crops trait to get your ressources faster or can get other improvements like temperature tolerance or higher waterrange.

##2. Way of the PlantTechian As a PlantTechian you build machines, produces energy and get technical improvements like upgradeable tools/weapons or armor. These runs on energy and can be improved with chips.

##3. Way of the Travelling These way is not implemented yet. But it will contains travelling to other dimensions, find new civilisations and discover a lot new things.