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cs247_2018 / CS247_Assignment_1

Assignment 1 Description (7% of total grade)

Due: February 19th

Display slice along user-specified axis and slice position!

Minimum Requirements

  • Download data into 3D volume texture. (10 points)
  • Display 3 different axis-aligned slices using OpenGL texture mapping and the 3D volume texture. (60 points)
  • The slice position should be adjustable for each slice view. (15 points)
  • Make sure the aspect ratio of the shown slices is correct. (15 points)
    • If the window is resized, the slice is resized with the correct aspect ratio (no distortions)


  • Show all three axis aligned slices at once. (+6 points)
  • Show arbitrarily aligned slices with an interface to change the arbitrary slice.(+15 points)

Screenshots for Minimum Requirements Solution

3642965424-screenshot1.png 1808400465-screenshot2.png 3487665660-screenshot3.png