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cs247_2018 / CS247_Assignment_2

Assignment 2 Description (5% of total grade)

Due: March 5th

Based on Assignment #1 the task in this assignment is to create a 2D iso contour renderer on top of the slice views.

Reading assignments

  • Data Visualization book, Chapter 5 until 5.3 (inclusive)

Basic Tasks

  • Draw iso-contour corresponding to selected iso-value. Use the Marching Squares algorithm to extract iso-contours for a given slice. Next, draw the calculated contours on top of that slice. The iso-contour is computed on the CPU (marching squares), and rendered using OpenGL

Minimum Requirements

2D Iso-contours Rendering [100 points]

  • Draw Iso-contours on the given slice and corresponding to the selected iso-value (40 points)
    • For Iso-contours, use epsilon to overcome degeneracies (10 points)
    • When drawing iso-contours, make sure you calculate the exact location by interpolation (20 points)
    • Make sure when you change the slice everything gets updated correctly (10 points)
  • The iso value must be editable by the user, updating the views (20 points)


  • For the 2D view, show all three axis aligned slices and draw their contours (+4 points)


  • There aren't prototypes for every function you might need. Create functions as you need them.

Screenshots for Minimum Requirements Solution