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Welcome to KD-reCall

KD-reCall aims to be a collection of free and simple mobile 'reminder' apps; designed to help us all stay focused on our own bigger pictures.

In addition to each mobile app's own interface, the app collection also has a web interface that allows for account management and settings.

App Suite Progress

  • Target platform:

    • Pilot #1 (Hungry on Hand): Android
    • Pilot #2 (B4-I-Go): Android and iOS
  • Status:

    • Pilot app #1 is in 'Closed Testing'
    • Pilot app #2 is 'In Review' in both stores and available via Testing.
    • See below for testing either app.
  • Testing launch dates:

    • Pilot #1: Apr 02 2021
    • Pilot #2: Jul 29 2021

Site and Primary Pages

Pilot App #1 Testing - "Hungry on Hand"

- Google Play Console: available via Closed Testing

As of Apr 2, 2021, the first KD-reCall pilot app, Hungry on Hand, entered the Closed Testing phase. The app will be published live after the second app is joined in completion, so at least the first couple apps can be released as a 'collection.'

Pilot App #2 Testing - "B4-I-Go"

- Google Play Console: available via Closed Testing
- Apple App Store: available via TestFlight

Early Access Request

Both the Hungry on Hand (Android) and B4-I-Go (Android and iOS) reminder apps are available to anyone wanting to test, or even just use the app pre-launch. Simply use the KD-reCall Contact Form, providing your email address and a simple 'Request to test [B4-I-Go]' (or something of the sort). Feedback is welcome via that same contact form, or the Bug and Feature Tracker.

When the first couple apps are made available, links to the App Store will appear here.