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ExperimentTool / A6 Accessing your data from H2 database

Accessing your data

By default, all experiment data is stored in a H2 database. It is a file-base database, which requires no initial setup. Tools to access the H2 database are available on the H2 website.

Steps to access your database:

  • Download H2 client:, and start the H2 console through your Program Menu.
  • Starting brownie's server atleast once, to ensure that a schema has been created.
  • Use the following sample jdbc URL to access H2 database:

    • Saved Setting: Generic H2 (Server) or Generic H2 (Embedded)
    • Driver class: org.h2.Driver
    • jdbc:h2:<absolute_path_to_project_workspace>\Exp_Implementation\exp
    • username: experiment
    • password: experiment


When the connection is successful, you will now see the following screen. By clicking on "EXP", then on "TRIAL", a command is automatically shown in the command line. Click "run" to execute the command and then you will see your data.


Exporting your data

You can export your data in an excel-file by entering the following command in the command line:

CALL CSVWRITE('your local path for the storage', 'SELECT * FROM EXP.TRIAL');

For example in our case specifically:

CALL CSVWRITE('C:\Users\welllen24\Desktop\test.csv', 'SELECT * FROM EXP.TRIAL');


Now you will find your exported data under the respective path.