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Updating your fork with the latest changes in Repo

If you have a fork that has been around for a while, you will want to pull changes from the source repository before you send a pull request. That way, when a project coordinator accepts your pull request, it will be easier for them to merge the changes in. This is a fairly simple process, if you use the command line, here are the steps.

  1. Make sure your local clone of the fork does not have any uncommitted changes
  2. From your local clone of the fork, run "hg pull"
  3. Assuming there were changes, you will need to merge your work in, so run "hg merge"
  4. Once you have resolved any conflicts, run "hg commit -m “<your commit message>”"
  5. Now you can push your changes back to your fork using "hg push"

If you would rather use Tortoise Hg just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your local clone of the fork does not have any uncommitted changes
  2. On your local clone of the fork, right click -> TortoiseHg -> Syncronize
  3. Select https in the dropdown and enter the url for the source repo of the project (not the fork) eg:
  4. Click the icon for “Pull incoming changesets from the remote repository”
  5. If any changes were pulled in, you will have to merge them, right click on your repository -> Hg Workbench
  6. Right click on the latest change -> Merge, then in the window that pops up click merge
  7. Once you resolve any conflicts, select your working directory in the graph view, enter a commit message and then click commit
  8. Finally, push your changes by clicking “Push outgoing change to default push target” Now you have all the latest changes, and you are ready to send a pull request.