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Issue #67 resolved
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When using the "mixOmics" package for performing PLS-DA (.plsda), there is an error when you subsequently want to calculate VIP scores using the PLSDA.VIP() function (package "RVAideMemoire")

The following error is shown: Error in cor(object$Y, object$variates$X, use = "pairwise") : 'x' must be numeric

Hopefully this could be fixed very soon, because to my knowledge there are currently no other packages you can use to calculate VIP scores when using PLS-DA. I would be forever grateful is this could soon be solved.

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  1. Kim-Anh Le Cao repo owner

    Hello and thank you for your feedback. We actually did fix this bug, that will be available in the next patch version. You can send us an email to '' and we can send you the new version in the meantime.




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