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#About GoSFML2 is a Go binding for SFML 2.

##Status GoSFML2 doesn't cover the entire SFML API. In fact it only provides access to the window, audio and graphics modules. The net and sync packages of Go's standard library are the equivalents of the system and network modules.

##Tutorials This package sticks pretty close to the original C++ API. Hence you can refer to the official tutorials. You can also have a look at the samples found here.

##Install 1. Make sure you have a working Go and gcc/mingw/tdm setup 2. Install csfml 3. Install GoSFML2 using the command below and try to run one of the samples

go get -u

##Notes * Avoid excessive generation of garbage; try to reuse your objects (object pools) * Doing C-calls from Go can be expensive * Profiling in Go is as easy as it gets * None of the functions are threadsafe * runtime.LockOSThread() is required