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  1. JoD
  • implemented asp thingie. Only graph to finish

  • requiremetns

  • removed old print

  • TODO: fixme

  • Improved rule design. Now the internal format of rules is not in close correspondence to the input read. However, what we do get is: easier rules.

    Printing a logic program is now harder. We will work around this by printing the original program and adding lines inthe appropriate locatiosn.

    This also allows us to maintain symbol table, parameters, etcetera.

    Fixes #5

  • implemented the graph

  • fixed invariant

  • added incompatible options

  • Finished ASP implementation

  • implemented reading from stdin. Fixes #6

  • version bump

  • implemented optimization terms

  • BUGFIX: code did not compile.

    This bug survived quite long due to issue #7. See #7

  • Bugfix:

    nVars was also set when Tseitins are introduced. Should only be set at parsetime

  • more verbose errors

  • Bugfix: wrong comparison

    Causing too many rules to be equal

  • BUGFIX: in logic programs, there is an asymmetry between positive and negative literals

  • Added support for disjunctive rules


  • Better tmpfile handling.

    Now at least uses the environmental variable TMPDIR

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