SRFI library names (R6RS)

Issue #272 resolved
Lassi Kortela created an issue

SRFI library names are now officially tracked in the library-name field of srfi-data.scm. The names in that file come from SRFI 97. The names for the SRFIs published after 97 come from chez-srfi. The intention is to keep adding new names to that file.

Some of the library names used by Sagittarius differ from those names. Here is the full diff. Would you like to add the names that are currently missing and/or change the ones that are different?

You also have the following extra names that are not in chez-srfi:

(srfi :100 define-lambda-object)
(srfi :101 random-access-lists)
(srfi :106 socket)
(srfi :111 boxes)
(srfi :112 inquery)
(srfi :113 sets)
(srfi :114 comparators)
(srfi :116 ilists)
(srfi :120 timer)
(srfi :121 generators)
(srfi :123 generic-ref)
(srfi :124 ephemerons)
(srfi :134 ideque)
(srfi :135 texts)
(srfi :139 syntax-parameters)
(srfi :142 bitwise)
(srfi :144 flonums)
(srfi :146 hash)
(srfi :146 mapping)
(srfi :147 custom-macro-transformers)

We could work with the chez-srfi and SRFI people to add them to srfi-data.scm and chez-srfi as well.

If you don’t like some of the names in srfi-data.scm, we might still be able to coordinate to change them. The names don’t seem fully consistent among themselves.

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  1. Takashi Kato repo owner

    The extra names are more or less for my convenience (though it might already be used in some locations of my code). It would be nice if they also have descriptive names.

    NOTE: like the commit I made, I don’t mind to change (or alias) the library names 😉

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