Identifier created by datum->syntax can't be referred properly

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Issue #89 resolved
Takashi Kato repo owner created an issue

Related issue with #88 (separated for tracking)

The issue #88 was created for (getopt). This issue is for the root cause. #88 resolves this issue partially to treat toplevel identifier specially. However it doesn't resolve the following case:

(let ()  
  (define-syntax let-it
    (lambda (x)
      (define (bind-it k binding)
    (syntax-case binding ()
      ((var . val) 
       (let ((n (syntax->datum #'var)))
         #`(#,(datum->syntax k n) val)))
      (_ (error 'let-it "invalid form"))))
      (syntax-case x ()
    ((k ((var . val) rest ...) body ...)
     (with-syntax (((var1 val1) (bind-it #'k #'(var . val))))
       #'(let ((var1 val1))
           (let-it (rest ...) body ...))))
    ((_ () body ...)
     #'(begin body ...)))))

  (let-it ((name . 'name)) (test-equal "datum->syntax(2)" 'name name))

This can be resolve by comparing identifier envs in sense of eq? (or equal?) however doing so introduces other macro related issue (bending scope). Resolving this properly requires proper re-write mechanism for identifier like followings:

  • all bound identifier should be renamed during complation time by compiler (e.g. let)
  • variable look up should compare identifier by its environment.

NOTE: If we do above, then it would cost O(n^2) time per compilation unit and we don't want it. So we need something else to resolve this issue.

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  1. Takashi Kato reporter

    Changing er-rename not to lookup before renaming. Adding identifier identity slot to determine whether identifiers are the same bound or not. Adding different bound test case. Fixes #89 Fixes #92

    → <<cset 4f7dbb94ab8b>>

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