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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.5.1

Fixed bugs;

  • Macro visibility problem has been fixed. #1
  • datum->syntax hid symbols in some cases. #6
  • Some port procedure caused SEGV accessing closed port. #8
  • define didn't raise an error in invalid case. #9
  • (tlv) miscomputed the length.
  • Compiler didn't reject circular list properly.
  • format caused SEGV with custom textual port.

New features;

  • R7RS style SRFI library names have been supported. e.g) (srfi 1)
  • SRFI-5 has been supported.
  • local method form let-method has been added to (clos user).
  • R6RS record has been integrated to CLOS.


  • quasiquote now generates constant value if possible.
  • Compile time procedure folding.

New platform;

  • OpenBSD has been supported