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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.5.3

Fixed bugs;

  • Merged (sagittarius debug) libraries in one file.
  • Local macro expansion caused compilcation error. (#15)
  • Extended lambda syntax didn't work if the result was from macro expansion. (#16)
  • shutdown-port raised an error even it's passed proper socket port. (#17)
  • bytevector-slices crushed if the argument k was 0. (#18)


  • filter-map is now in (core base).
  • <date> is now defined in Scheme world for future extension.
  • (rfc tls) now ignores warning level alert.

New Features;

  • SRFI-114 (srfi :114 comparator) has been supported.

New platform support;

  • Cygwin64 has been supported.