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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.5.4

Fixed bugs;

  • (write '\x7c;) wrote | instead of |\||. #19
  • Reading #!r6rs from string changed writer's behaviour. #20
  • Passing negative value to hashtable constructor procedure caused C level assert. #21
  • pointer->integer didn't consider the result values bit length. #22
  • Passing big exponent to expt returned incorrect value. #23
  • (expt 1.0 0) returned exact number. #25
  • sash didn't accept non ASCII options. #26
  • Passing overflowed value to bytevector input-port with set-port-position! causes SEGV. #27
  • Passing overflowed value to bytevector output-port with set-port-position! didn't expand buffer. #28
  • randome-source-pseudo-randomize! raised an error. #29


  • Bignum multiplication now uses karatsuba algorithm if the given valus is big enough.
  • pointer->integer now accepts optional argument bit to specify retrieving value of bits.
  • file-options now accepts append option to open append mode.
  • set-port-position! now accepts whence optional argument.
  • promise? procedure now compromise R7RS tests.

New Features;

  • pointer->uinteger has been added to (sagittarius ffi)
  • SFTP library (rfc sftp) has been added.