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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.5.5

Fixed bugs:

  • (math mt-random) sometimes raised an error. #31
  • `random-source-state-set! didn't restore the prng state. #32
  • read-line didn't compliant what R7RS requires. #33
  • SRFI-42 implementation was not up to date. #36


  • sash now accepts -A, -Y and -F option to append load path, dynamic load path or library suffix.
  • uri-encode now encodes with capital letter by default.

New features:

  • Treemap library (util treemap) has been added.
  • Queue library (util queue) has been added.
  • Deque library (util deque) has been added.
  • subtype? has been added to (clos user) and (clos core).

New documents: - (util hashtables) has been documented.