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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.5.6

Fixed bugs:

  • SRFI-42 implementation was out dated. #36
  • letrec*evaluated init values incorrect order. #38
  • char-set-map raised an error when passing empty map. #39
  • thread-sleep! stopped in millisecond instead of second. #40
  • thread-sleep! only accepted exact integer. #41
  • Thread related procedures timeout value didn't accept time object. #42
  • string-split caused SEGV when empty match was given. #43
  • digit-value returned truncated value for half valued numbers. #44
  • Predefined charset name of regular expression resolved incorrectly.
  • interaction-enviromnent in (scheme repl) was defined as a variable instead of a procedure.


  • Compiler eliminates no side effect expression more eagerly.
  • Improved compiled code of filter, remp, remove, remv and remq.
  • hashtable-update! searches only once.
  • regex-group can accept named match.
  • Improved performance of vector-map, vector-for-each and string-for-each.
  • Unicode 7.0.0 has been supported.
  • regex-replace has been added.
  • Regular expression replace procedure can understand $p and $P as pre-match and post-match placeholder.

New features:

  • Heap data structure library (util heap) has been added.
  • SRE conversion library (text sre) has been added.
  • SRFI-115 has been supported.

Incompatible change:

  • sash is now a symbolic link, the binary name is sagittarius. #37
  • Handling empty match of regular expression has been changed to Perl compatible.
  • Character sets are not only ASCII but Unicode.