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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.5.7

Fixed bugs:

  • SRFI-112 rx required underlying (test sre).
  • Compiler computed pre-frame size wrongly. #46
  • syntax-rules could not refer template variable properly. #7
  • R6RS placeholder _ was compared without considering binding. #47
  • Reading huge cache file took more time than compiling library. #35
  • CMakeLists.txt contained EQUAL instead of using STREQUAL.
  • Macro expansion did not slice ellipsis properly. #48
  • With certain value bignum subtraction was done incorrectly. #49
  • Custom hash function did not accept bignum as hash value. #50
  • Identifier renamed by R7RS syntax-rules was not resolved properly. #51
  • let-syntax made invalid scope. #52
  • R7RS style escaped symbol was not read/write invariance. #53
  • #!r6rs did not change writer mode in REPL. #54


  • sagittarius supports handling pipe input.
  • (rfc http) do not convert socket binary port to transcoded port.
  • (rfc ssh) supports counter mode.
  • include and include-ci include files more like C's include.

New features:

  • (packrat) supports *, + and ? as quantifier.
  • Binary I/O utility library (binary io) has been added.
  • (util bytevector) supports SRFI-13 like APIs.
  • Binary data parsing library (binary parse) has been added.
  • Gauche like char-set reading reader macro has been added. #!read-macro=char-set.

New documents:

  • (rfc http) has been documented.