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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.5.8

Fixed bugs:

  • Control characters in symbol were printed non hex scalar value. #55
  • #!fold-case only folded one expression. #56
  • Overwriting or redefining didn't raisen an error. #57
  • Invalid rename clause in export caused SEGV. #58
  • c-struct-set! didn't accept struct pointer. #60
  • Toplevel (values) caused exit. #62
  • syntax literals was not compared in sense of free-identifier=?. #61
  • Fixed bunch of unbound variables.
  • cond-expand in define-library was not R7RS compliant.
  • (rfc ssh) was not using identification string properly.
  • copy-binary-port didn't copy all port content when src port contains more than 4092 bytes.


  • ldconfig will be called after make install. #59
  • exporting unbound variable now either reports warning or raises an error.
  • Slightly better performance of port locking.
  • Compiler now folds exported variable when the VM mode does not allow to overwrite.
  • RSA and DSA marker is now defined with keyword so that compiler can constant fold.
  • define-method won't add method to global definition when it's running on child context.
  • (odbc) can now handle full DSN.
  • Bignum and flonum in compiled cache now uses smaller amount of space.
  • Compilation time error now has more information.

New features:

  • define-c-union has been added to (sagittarius ffi) to support C union.
  • c-memcpy has been added to (sagittarius ffi) for better performance.
  • (tlv) now also supports LV structure reading.
  • format now prints bytevector in hex, octec and binary numbers with ~x, ~o and ~b respectively.

Incompatible changes:

  • Bytevectors are written with #u8() notation in R7RS mode.