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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.6.10

Fixed bugs:

  • Importing an error containing library in library causeed dead lock on multithread environment. #159
  • get-bytevector-all with buffered port ignored buffered values. #160
  • Subtract negative rational number from zero returned positive number. #161
  • Loading FFI library from child thread raised an error. #163
  • (expt 5 10000000) caused SEGV. #162
  • compare procedure passed to er-macro-transformer returned #t even the given 2 arguments are not the same.
  • syntax-case expander contained incorrect use of free-identifier=?.
  • Reading more than one byte from standard input port on Windows returned incorrect number of values.


  • TLS socket port is now bidirectional port.
  • Windows file port can also read from COM now.
  • Displaying big integers of radix 2, 8 and 16 takes O(n) order. (n = size of bignum)
  • Displaying big integers of other radixes is now much faster than before.

New features:

  • (sagittarius termios) has been added. Not documented.
  • `smtp-login-authentication for LOGIN method has been added to (rfc smtp).