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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.6.11

Fixed bugs:

  • Issue #164: file buffered port isn't flushed when GCed.
  • Issue #165: syntax-case returns identifier even it's not macro expansion phase
  • fxior, fxand and fxxor returned invalid value when more than 2 arguments have passed and one of them wasn't a fixnum
  • lucas-lehmer? test returned #f even the given argument is prime number.

New improvements:

  • VM dispatch is 5% faster.
  • (asin 0) and (acos 1) return exact integer.
  • Reduced stack overflow during compilation
  • Improved performance of free-identifier=?.
  • Compiler removes when expression like this : (lambda () (when #f #t) 'ok).
  • Removed exists and lset-union procedure from compiler for better performance.
  • Pointer object can be passed for FFI type wchar_t*.
  • Referring callback type of FFI structure now returns callback object even if it's not created on Scheme world.

New freatures:

  • Generator library (sagittarius generators) and draft SRFI-121 have been added.
  • fold2 and fold3 procedures have been added to (util list).
  • Base64 port operations procedures open-base64-encode-output-port, open-base64-encode-input-port, open-base64-decode-output-port, and open-base64-decode-input-port have been added.
  • delete-file procedure show better error message when it failed to delete the given file.
  • SQL parser and serializer have been added to (text sql) (not documented and still experimental).
  • Added bunch of Windows message constants.
  • vector-sort and vector-sort! now accepts optional arguments start and end according to draft SRFI 132.