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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.6.2

Fixed bugs:

  • Passing non string value to sys-process-call caused SEGV. #100
  • Cache of macro generating macro which used generate-temopraries causes unbound variable. #101
  • Building on Clang 3.6 failed. #102
  • Stopping server of (net server) caused SEGV on Windows.
  • SRE with w/ascii raised an error.
  • SRFI-115 procedure regexp-partition.was missing.
  • Internal condition variable was not initialised.


  • hash-process! and hash-done! now can take optional argument to specify the range of passing bytevector.
  • Macro expander for syntax-case is more compliant with R6RS.
  • time macro now accepts multiple values return.

New features:

  • SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256 have been supported on (math).
  • Bytevector conversion reader macro library (sagittarius bv-string) has been added (not documented).
  • ->size-limit-binary-input-port has been added to (binary io).
  • Simple LRU cache library (cache lru)has been added.
  • .sld files can be recognised as libraries.
  • Keystore library (security keystore) has been added.

New documents:

  • PKCS#12 library (rsa pkcs :12) has been documented.