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sagittarius-scheme / Release Note 0.6.3

Fixed bugs:

  • er-macro-transformer's rename procedure didn't rename given identifiers properly. #103, #110
  • Internal definition didn't behave as letrec*. #106
  • Creating record constructor overwrote previous one. #107
  • Compilation error with certain vector. #108
  • Using get-bytevector-n and get-bytevector-n! on socket port hanged. #109
  • Passing empty port to json-read hanged. #111
  • Subtraction of real number and complex number returned incorrect value. #112
  • sin, cos, tan, asin, acos and atan didn't accept complex number. #113
  • Importing cached (sagittarius debug) on REPL caused SEGV.


  • R6RS/R7RS strict mode. This fixes #104
  • Macro expander is now more R6RS compliant.
  • R6RS/R7RS macros can co-operate better.
  • json-read now can return EOF if nothing to read.
  • string->utf8 and utf8->string are now as twice as faster.
  • OAEP padding is now bouncy castle compatible as well.

New features:

  • Shared queue library (util concurrent shared-queue) has been added. Not documented.
  • Pointer conversion procedure bytevector->pointer has been added to (sagittarius ffi).
  • address macro can now take offset argument to specify from where to pass.
  • pointer->bytevector can now take offset argument to specify from where to convert to a bytevector.
  • allocate-pointer procedure can now take fill optional argument.